New Site – update your bookmarks!

As you may have already discovered, I have moved domains! Update your links, inform your friends! With WordPress’ help, I was able to migrate all of the email subscribers. Unfortunately the WordPress subscribers were not migrated. I’ll just continue on without them and hope they notice.

As part of the change, I’ll be able to upload a file containing report samples instead of embedding the XML directly into the post. As report XML can be somewhat large, this will make the posts a bit easier to load.

Eventually, some day, I will add a “Samples” page showing examples of some of the work I’ve done for my clients (with their permission of course).

Do you have any comments about the theme? Love it? Hate it? Did I miss anything or is something not working? Have suggestions for changes I can make to the site, or of possible things I could write about? Drop me a line on the contact page.