As you can probably imagine, I am a certified freelance Cognos developer. I have been working, tinkering, and playing with Cognos since 2007.

My entire professional career has consisted of working for projects companies. While sometimes difficult, especially as a project comes to a close, this has given me the opportunity to learn from a wide range of methodologies spanning many industries. My clients have included banks, pharmaceutical companies, government and military organizations, institutions dealing in manufacturing, logistics, insurance, and telecoms (the list goes on). Without working for those clients, I wouldn’t know half of the techniques half as well as I should, and I would like Cognos half as much as it deserves.

On the personal side, I am married, and have two children. My hair is occasionally red and spiky, but usually black and straight. I’ve lived in Israel half of my life, and therefore should be completely bi-lingual. So far all my attempts to introduce my children to programming have failed; my wife keeps on insisting that I should wait for them to outgrow Dr. Seuss before I start them on O’Reilly (Tim, not Bill) but that’s just crazy talk, nobody outgrows Dr. Seuss.

I will try to answer the questions posted here. Please do not take offense if I do not answer, however, as what free time I once had has been buried under diapers and work (pro tip: don’t attempt to juggle diapers and work; the weight difference between a laptop and a full diaper is substantial, and you are likely to make a mess). A better place to ask questions would be the Cognoise forums or the IBM Cognos Forum. If you absolutely must have my help ASAP, and are willing to pay the price, you can email me at cognospaul@gmail.com, and we can come to an arrangement.