Quick and painless way of accessing users’ folders

As part of my administrative duties for my various clients, I periodically trawl through the logs. Many times I’ll want to see exactly what the users are doing in the reports on my server. It becomes a headache when these reports are in the users’ “My Folders”. I need to go into the administration page, find the user, go into their “My Folders”, copy out the report, paste it into mine then run it. It’s a mess and I’m far too lazy for that.

Fortunately Cognos allows us to access objects through URL parameters. On my laptop, I’m using OpenDJ as my authentication provider, so the CAMID is slightly different than Active Directory. My CAMID here is CAMID(“OpenDJ:u:cn=administrator”). In AD, it might be CAMID(“AD:u:r7a1n7d8o8m3l1e4t9t2e2r4s01234567)

My user

I can just copy that CAMID and paste it into the URL as:

2. Accessing my user

Obviously this is still predicated on the security in place. A user who doesn’t have permission to access another user’s folder will get an “Access Denied”

3. Thwarted again

In the comments below, Ryan shared that a users’ folders can be accessed directly with the username:
http://server/cognos/cgi-bin/cognosisapi.dll?b_action=xts.run&m=portal/cc.xts&m_path=//account[@userName=’john.doe’]/folder[@name=’My Folders’]