Export all report XMLs to file system – Updated

2 years ago, I posted a method for exporting all of the reports to the file system, using the same folder path. I was never happy with that method, as it required adding a UDF to the content store, and large reports would fail. Since getting these reports was a requirement at one of my clients, I finally had the time to tweak it.

Unlike the previous version, I don’t have access to Oracle, so this is on SQL server. The connection string to the server is handled from inside the script (row 151), all you need to do is change the data source and catalog details to connect.

The reports will be saved under c:\temp\reports. You may want to change that as well (row 244), but don’t forget that windows has an absolute limit in the number of characters in a file path.

Unlike the old version, this will also pull reports from users’ My Folders, including orphaned reports from deleted users. The user reports will be saved under \users\<user name>\my folders\. This will also generate a log file including the sql query sent to the db, and all of the reports generated.

Due to security concerns, the file has been renamed to getreports.vbs.txt. Simply rename that to getreports.vbs to enable it.

I tested this on Cognos 10.2, on SQL Server 2005. If anyone has access to Oracle and wants to adapt the SQL, I’ll  gladly amend the post to include it.


getreports.vbs (1552 downloads)