Everyone loves BaCON!

I’m sure many of you are devastated at the news of IBM cancelling their big Vegas World of Watson conference this year. Well, dry your tears because PMsquare is hosting a Business Analytics conference in Chicago! And, best of all, I’ll be running a workshop!

This August I will presiding over a Cognos Analytics workshop. My workshop will be on the new JavaScript contol in the interactive mode. Did you know we can use jQuery and bootstrap and all of these wonderful JS libraries now? Did you know we can pass data directly to the JavaScript from a query, instead of having to embed stuff in repeaters or loop throuhg a hidden list? We’ll go over how to use a couple of controls that I wrote, and how we can pass data from a query directly to the control.

Finally, we’ll get into the code itself. A dive into the API. How can we write the code to use data from queries? What is this JS Control configuration all about?

With the cancellation of WoW we’ve been expanding the scope of the conference so the other sessions and keynotes are still in the works. What I can say is that we will have more than one workshop, we will have a Question and Answer session with Business Analytics professionals, and we will have a lot of really good food.

And, because my readers are so awesome, I’ve managed to secure a code to get you 30% off the admission fee.

So click on this link:

and make sure to apply the promo code: 1VN1AVDABCN

If securing budget will be difficult, please contact me. I may be able to request some kind of scholarship via Marketing.

Personally, I would love to meet my readers and discover how you’ve used the techniques from my articles. What works, what doesn’t? Any suggestions for new posts? Need to smack me for destroying your Cognos environment? This is the best opportunity for us to connect.