Dataset Hackery on 11.1, and some wonderful news!

Hacking Datasets in 11.1 – and some wonderful news!

The previous article I wrote on the subject doesn’t work on 11.1. It looks like IBM is wisening up to my tricks. So here’s the new way to do it.

This is actually significantly easier than the way I posted before. To start, create a list report as normal. The list should be standard: no groups, no footers or headers, no subtotals at all. Save and close the report.

Next, reopen the report. This gives us the correct URL parameters we need:
dataset hackery

Change that to isDataset=true and press enter. The page will reload with the report in the dataset skin of report studio. Save it as a new dataset – this new object will be a regular dataset, you can refresh it from the portal screen as normal.

Now for the wonderful news. IBM has for some reason decided to grant me IBM Champion status! Ignoring the immediate instinct to question their sanity, I want to assure everyone that this accolade won’t change anything about my blog. I certainly won’t let this go to my head, and my ego shall remain carefully grounded. In other, completely unrelated news, I will be selling opportunities for selfies with me in Think 2019!