Everyone loves BACon 2019!

It’s that time of year again, and this time I’ll be presenting!

If you haven’t heard of BACon, perhaps because you’re living under a rock, it’s PMsquare’s very own Business Analytics Conference. Cured porcine meat not withstanding, it’s a great source for tips and tricks, and networking with industry professionals. As with the previous years, it’s happening at the Arlington Park Racetrack near Chicago on August 7 and 8.

My session, which everyone reading this should attend, is modestly entitled “Make me like CognosPaul: JavaScript and Hacks”. I strongly recommend bringing a laptop because I’m probably going to race through some of the interesting controls I’ve written. I’ll be showing off a couple of extensions I’ve written, both of which PM2 uses at all of our clients. There’s another session about the software we’re building here, but during that session we’ll announce my toolbox as a free download through the PM2 website.

We wrote a sneak peak article here: https://pmsquare.com/blog/2019/3/21/bacon-2019-sneak-peek

Even though I am the main attraction (I’m humble as well as modest) our team prepared a wide number of topics, sessions, workshops, and presentations:

  • Watson AI Assistant
  • ICP for Data (IBM’s microservices platform)
  • How to Develop and Execute a Successful Rollout Strategy
  • Planning Analytics Workspace
  • Migration from Tableau to Cognos
  • Cognos Analytics on Planning Analytics
  • 5 Ways AI has Changed Analytics
  • …and more…

In addition to my colleagues’ presentations, we’ve also got an open Q&A with some industry leaders. Got an intractable Cognos development problem that nobody can solve? Stump the panel at the GeniusBar. Some customer success stories and presenting IBMers may also provide inspiration for solutions.

It’s not all fun and games, of course. We’ve also got horse racing and casino night (with faux chips that are redeemable for raffle tickets).

And finally, because everyone reading this is awesome, I’m able to give you all a 25% discount to the event. Register today at https://pmsquare.com/bacon and enter the promo code COGNOSPAUL25 to get the discount.